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Hi, my name is David. I’m a German content creator, philosophy student and family man.

On this website I teach skills for creatives, cover tech and tools for productive workflows and write about life balance, like dealing with money and time in the context of creative work.

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What is content creation?

In a nutshell: Content creation refers to the creation of digital content such as blog articles, podcasts, or videos. In more detail:

Creation, that is the bringing forth of something new. This requires inspiration, ideas and creativity. Sounds like an art, and it can be. Especially because “art” is an extremely broad, fuzzy term.

I want to treat creating content the way professional artists treat their art: as a craft. That means: as soon as one creation is complete, we’re not done, but turn our attention to the next one – without ever running out of ideas or creative enthusiasm (Schaffensfreude, as we call it in German).

How important is content creation? Read the answer.

Creating content is a craft

Production refers to the regular, repeated bringing forth of goods, in the sense of products that have value to yourself and to others. Creative digital content gets value from the fact that you in turn invest something of value in it – some money, your time, your energy and more and more your experience.

Content creation is actually both creation and production, and requires both skill sets: creativity and productivity. Neither is innate talent, both can be learned.

For more on the interplay between creation and production, check out the guide What is content creation? The ultimative introduction. It provides you with the basic theory. When you’re ready to get into practice, let’s go!


There are lots of ways to get started with content creation. Many of them – like choosing a name or finding a niche for your online project – run the risk of overthinking things. Instead, let’s take things one step at a time.